Orlando Pride Draw with North Carolina Courage | October 17th 2020

Orlando Pride North Carolina

Orlando, FLThe Orlando Pride fought hard from a three-point deficit leading them to draw with the North Carolina Courage on Saturday. This draw puts an end to the Courage’s hope of having a spot in the top three for the Fall Series.

The first half of this match started out strong for the Courage. Meanwhile, the Pride had trouble being aggressive on the defensive end. Their passes were predictable and Courage took full advantage of that with multiple turnovers throughout the first half.

Their sloppy play cost them two back-to-back goals in the added six minutes of the end of the first half. The first two goals were led by Debinha Cristiane de Oliveira. North Carolina’s last goal was led by Lynn Williams in the added six minutes of the first half.


In the second half, the game began to switch for the Pride. The team as a whole began to build from the defense and became more aggressive with their attacks. Players like Sydney Leroux helped maintain control from both sides of the field.

In the end, The Pride was able to secure a draw. The goals were made by Marisa Viggiano, Ally Harran, and Kristen Edmonds.

The North Carolina Courage ended the fall series with five points, #5 in the rankings. Meanwhile, the Orlando Pride ended with two points and the #8 spot.



Debinha, the Brazilian #10 for the Courage, is very quick on her feet. Her decision making with the ball is a treat to watch. Her assist and two goals put the Courage up 3-0 in the first half of the match.


Even after facing a heavy hit to the head, Sydney Leroux didn’t back down from the game. Leroux led a strong shot that led into a rebounded ball with a follow-through shot led by teammate Viggiano. She continued to keep that energy throughout, helping Orlando prevent another loss.

📸 Credit: Orlando Pride

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