Music City Boys Outscore Orlando City SC | November 8th 2020

Music City Outscore Orlando

Orlando FL – Despite last week’s victory, Orlando City SC fails to bring that same momentum against Nashville SC. The Music City boys managed to outscore Orlando 3-2 in their last game of the season before the playoffs.

This loss has knocked the lions down into the fourth spot in the final season standings. While Nashville is ending the season in the seventh slot with eight wins.

“The Concentration is something that will need to be improved as we go into the playoffs, ” Coach Oscar Pareja. “we will keep working on it.”


The game had begun quick for Orlando as the team quickly moved their way into the box. Four minutes into the game, Chris Mueller darted to the goal then passed it to the right for Daryl Dike to secure the first goal. This secured Dike with the eighth goal of his rookie season.


While Orlando continued to make their way through Nashville’s defense, the accuracy wasn’t there. Ruan tried to secure the second goal with help from Luis Almeida but once again the pass wasn’t right. Andres Perea tried to redeem the missed goal and set himself up at the top of the area, only to shoot it completely over the bar.

This was a continuing pattern through the game. They had the shot set but were either off slightly or just completely out of line.

Then, in the 20th minute came the goal that changed the momentum of the game. Daniel Lovitz saw an unguarded area and sent in a goal from the corner that passed Rowe.

The first half continued to get aggressive as both Derrick Jones and Anibal Godoy picked up two yellow cards. Godoy had managed to run his hand across Nani’s face and left the player with a bloody lip.

Going into the second half, Orlando managed to get back on top with a beautiful free-kick shot by Nani in the 6oth minute. The goal was his sixth of the season.

While no team was seeming to be able to trump the other, Nashville managed to take the upper hand in the 88th minute with another goal from the left corner by Hany Mukhtar.

Just when you thought it was about to end in a draw, Jhonder Cadiz finishes it all, sending in a free kick in dead center during stoppage time.


As we reach have reached the end of the season, Pareja has said the boys need to focus on staying concentrated but believes that this is a minor fix.

“There is much more we can do for sure,” Said Pareja. “it is our responsibility to prepare the boys and their responsibility obviously to make those changes.”

While staying focused is something the Lions will need to work on, I believe that their defensive approach could be re-evaluated. As was seen tonight, goals could’ve been easily avoided if they would’ve been more aggressive and attentive.

The playoffs are set to begin on November 20th and will continue through Dec. 12. Despite tonight’s loss, with these minor fixes and accountability of one another, I do believe that Orlando City SC will give us something to watch.

📸 Credit: John Chapman

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