What’s Coming up Next for FIU MBB?

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Coming off a narrow loss to UAB Blazers, the FIU Panthers sit at 12-12, which is good enough for the seventh seed in Conference USA. The Panthers are now entering a stretch where they will be playing teams well over .500 like Rice and Middle Tennessee. At the same time, FIU is also entering a period where they play weaker teams like UTSA and LA Tech.

Despite that loss to UAB, who knocked off FAU not that long ago, FIU is playing some of their best basketball down the stretch. Players like Arturo Dean are stepping up to lead the team in almost all statistical categories. Denver Jones is stepping up late in games, and Nick Guadarrama has been lethal from the three-point line.

Looking Ahead

LA Tech Comes to the Bank in a Crucial Game

The next game on Thursday, February 9th is against the team just above FIU in the conference standings, LA Tech. With a 13-10 record, The Panthers need to win this game to move up in the standings and get one inch closer to fifth place. Leaders on LA Tech include Cobe Williams who leads the team in points, Assists, and steals. Isaiah Crawford leads in rebounds and Kenny Hunter leads the team in blocks.

If FIU can get off to a strong start and hold on to the lead as they did in the Middle Tennessee game, then you feel a lot better about this game due to the fact that all cylinders would be moving and working well.

A name to really look out for is Mohamed Sanaogo. Just like Middle Tennessee, they only have one player who is 6’10” which means that they run more of a small-ball offense. Sanogo would be fed the ball in the paint and perform well. In the game against Middle Tennessee, for example, Sanogo scored seven points, along with two blocks and two steals, so his presence is being made on both ends of the floor.

Rice University enters the bank in a must-win situation for both teams

Saturday’s game is a big one. They are going up against the Rice Owls who are 15-8, but 6-6 against the conference.

Team leaders include Quincy Olivari who leads the team in points, Max Fiedler who leads in rebounds, assists, and blocks, and Travis Evee who leads in steals. The last time the Panthers faced off against Rice, FIU won by just two points.

Game Predictions

FIU – 72

LA Tech – 68

Game MVP: Nick Guadarrama

FIU – 80

Rice – 78

MVP: Denver Jones

I will be in attendance at the LA Tech game to cover. 

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