The Magic City Clasico, Part Dos | April 21st, 2018

Miami FC 2 vs Miami United

Miami Gardens, FL – Growing Pains isn’t just the TV show that jump-started Leonardo DiCaprio’s career. It’s also the phrase I’m using to describe Miami FC 2‘s start in the NPSL. With a new head coach, a lot of new players, and a new league to play in, they had to make quite a few offseason adjustments. Last week they opened their NPSL campaign with a 1-1 draw at Miami United FC. This week, it was Miami FC 2’s turn to host the Magic City Clasico, and their frustrations continued.

Miami FC actually got off to a great start. They controlled possession and were creating opportunities. In the 9th minute, Jeff Michaud found himself inside United’s box with plenty of time to compose himself and bury his shot in the back of the net. Things were looking favorable for FC 2 to earn their first win of the season. However, in the 33rd minute, Tyler Ruthven was sent off. In his own words, “He gave me a yellow for wasting time on a throw-in, and when I asked him why, he f***ing sent me off!” He, later on, explained to me that they were only up 1-0 in the 33rd, so “why would I waste time?”, he said. He wanted the team to be up “4-0”. Tyler will also miss the next match.

And then there were 10. FC 2 was now down a man, and coach Paul Dalglish had to make some adjustments. Nevertheless, in the final moments of the half, United would equalize, sending the game into halftime 1-1.

The 2nd half saw FC 2 once again dominate possession and create opportunities, but the match would go on to become combative. The ref lost control of the match and was handing out yellow cards like shots at a frat party. Just as the game was about to end, in extra time, Dylan Mares was fouled hard near United’s box, which sparked an altercation between FC 2 and United players that almost became an all-out brawl. After things calmed down, Mares and two United players were red-carded. FC 2 still had a free-kick to take before the final whistle, but it would sail high over the crossbar. The best part was Ariel Martinez yelling from the sideline for Daniel Vega to take the kick, and becoming upset when he did not.

The match ended in a 1-1 draw, and Miami FC 2 continue to search for their first win of the season. Next up they host the Jacksonville Armada FC, at home on Bobcat Field in St. Thomas University.

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