The Minimum Wage GM – November 07, 2017

Despite a close, frustrating loss I need to give props to our quarterback showing grit in Sunday Night’s game, Jay Cutler looked sharp after missing the previous game with cracked ribs. Medicine or no, the man was playing and playing well at less than 100% and it needs to be acknowledged. His stat line was magnificent completing 34 of 42 passes for 311 yards and 3 scores. This is what we need to see game in and game out folks. This is the Cutler we’ve been searching for. Unfortunately, the effort was marred by the defense coming up short this go around with David Carr slinging for 300 yards and a touchdown himself while running back Marshawn Lynch, fresh from a one-game suspension, rammed in two more TDs. It was one of those games where you wish the team played well on both sides of the ball, but given our anemic offense, this is a tremendous step in the right direction for the second half of the season. Even Julius Thomas got a TD, that’s how involved everybody was. Vintage Julius aside, our air attack was at its best all year with no interceptions. We had 23 first downs and we went 5 for 12 on third down conversions which needs some more work but that’s not too bad. Moving forward, I have no doubt the defense can get better and will work hard to not repeat the 40-0 ass kicking but now it’s time as the minimum wage GM to examine a key aspect of our team’s offense: our running backs especially in the wake of trading Jay Ajayi.

Stat of the game- Passing Plays: 43 Rushing Plays: 18

What Needs Fixin’

With Ajayi being shipped to the city of brotherly love, the Dolphins have been arguably deprived of one of their offensive weapons. This was our first game since the unexpected trade with Kenyan Drake getting the majority of the touches, gaining 69 (gigidy) yards on 9 carries averaging 7.7 yards. Including the 42-yard dash showing off some of his speed. On the flip side, he fumbled the ball in the second quarter, ending our drive deep inside enemy territory. Given the close final score, that may have come back to haunt us. Meanwhile, Damien Williams ran the ball 7 times for 14 yards. He also logged 6 receptions for 47 yards and a touchdown. They aren’t exactly awesome numbers but it’s to be expected, just look at the over 2:1 ratio of passing plays to rushing plays.

Drake so far has 94 yards on 19 carries this season, looking for his first TD which given the circumstances is inevitable. Williams has the same amount of carries for 46 yards. Based on these limited numbers it’s the GM’s (Me) opinion that the man to receive the bulk of the carries should be Kenyan Drake, until the offseason. While Drake is still young (So is Damien Williams for that matter) we should be really looking for another RB during the offseason and perhaps (To save cash) look into the draft to find us our next explosive fullback ala Ricky Williams. Speaking of free agents, Le’Veon Bell is looking to be an interesting veteran prospect next year, just saying.

Now that Ajayi is no longer in Miami, we can expect coach Adam Gase to lean more towards airing the ball out, especially if Cutler puts out more games like the one against the Raiders.  But as encouraging as his performance was, I feel like this might be more of an anomaly and we really don’t know which version of Cutler we’re going to get week in and week out, assuming he stays on the field. Looking ahead, we face the Carolina Panthers, the Tampa Bay Bucs and the Patriots. The latter 2 are in the back end against the rush but the Panthers are the league’s second best only giving up 78.4 yards per game behind the Eagles. If you’re looking for some running backs to start on your fantasy teams this weekend, avoid Miami’s. Expect Gase to continue the air assault against Carolina despite their pass D being the sixth best at roughly 195 yards per game on average. That goes double if we fall behind early.

Personally, unless an opposing team is dismal against the rush, we should be pushing (And praying) for a lot of passing plays since Cutler is for better or worse, our man. For now. Until next time fins fans, keep the faith and stay frosty.

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