La Liga 123 Club AD Alcorcón will visit South Florida Seeking Local Talent for its Academy

A.D. Alcorcón try out


Wingmen Sports, a consulting firm based in Miami, has partnered with A.D. Alcorcón, a Spanish club competing in La Liga 123, to offer South Florida players the chance to try out for the club. Players between 15 and 23 years old can register for the A.D. Alcorcón Draft, an exclusive Talent ID Camp, where they will have the opportunity to play in front of two Alcorcón coaches. The best TWO players will be invited to a 1-week trial with their academy in Madrid. The event will take place between Saturday, June 8th and Sunday, June 9th at Central Broward Stadium.

A.D. Alcorcón has been working for several years in developing an international scouting and recruiting program, which has proved very successful contributing to both their economic and sporting stability. Josele Gonzalez, Coordinator of the Academy System, travels the world scouting for talent and this will be his first time in Florida. “We are looking for players with great potential, who can improve the level of what we have at home,” said Gonzalez. “We know that in Miami soccer is truly popular, so we have high expectations with the Draft in that city.”

Juanjo San Román, coach of the A.D. Alcorcón U19 team, will be accompanying Josele in selecting the players who will be traveling to Spain. San Román previously worked as a scout and youth coach for Atletico de Madrid and Real Madrid, among others. The club, also known for the famous “Alcorcornazo,” back when they beat Real Madrid 4-0 in 2009, has been competing in the Spanish second division since the 2010-11 season.

Wingmen Sports, co-founded and directed by its CEO, Marcos Ruano, a former U.D. Las Palmas Scout, is seeking to bring European soccer ties closer to the South Florida community.  “This is a massive opportunity for young talented players from the tri-county area to play in front of a Spanish professional club,” said Ruano. “When we first arrived in Miami and started scouting players we were surprised by the talent and quality we found. But at the same time, it was clear for us that those players needed more exposure and guidance in order to become professionals. That is why we decided to partner with A.D Alcorcón and create this unique event.”  

In addition to hosting and managing professional soccer tryouts, Wingmen also works as a highly qualified scouting department. Their services include filming, tactical and technical analysis, GPS tracking systems, individualized training, nutritionist and sports psychology.

Central Broward Stadium will host a great weekend of soccer. U-16 and U-18 players will be trying out on Saturday, while U-20 and U-23 categories will take the stadium’s pitch on Sunday. Kickoff is scheduled for 9 AM both days starting with the youngest group. There will be a mid-day recess at noon. The second session, with the oldest group of the day, will take place from 1:30 to 5 PM.  

After each day one player will be selected and invited to train in Madrid with Alcorcon’s academy system. There, the two players selected over the weekend will be evaluated in depth by their coaching staff.

Tickets for the A.D. Alcorcón Draft can be purchased here.


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