FIU Hires Ken Dorsey as new Assistant A.D.

Party like it’s 1999! Join us, back to a time when Butch Davis was coaching in Miami, and a tall, skinny, lanky QB named Ken Dorsey was roaming about the practice field. That was the start of something great at the University of Miami, and now, 19 years later, an eerily similar scenario is playing out 8 miles away from UM, at Florida International University. Now, Kenny’s traded the pads and helmet for a suit and tie. All that’s missing is Ed Reed to join the staff and then heck, the whole gang is back together.

“I am super excited that Ken Dorsey is going to be a part of our athletic department,” Davis said in a statement released by Florida International. “He brings class, integrity and great knowledge of what it’s like being around championship programs. He’s well respected throughout the NFL. He’ll be a great addition to our athletic department.”

“We are very fortunate to be able to add Ken Dorsey to both the football program and the athletic department staff,” FIU executive director of sports and entertainment Pete Garcia said in a release. “He will work closely with both Butch Davis and myself.”

“I think extremely highly of Ken Dorsey,’ Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton said. “He is an extremely hard and efficient worker. My challenge was also to beat him to work. He made my life as easy as possible. He’ll bring a newness and spark to FIU. Not only is he a hard worker, but he has a vibrant killer instinct. He’s a known proven winner over the years. I credit a lot of my success to Ken Dorsey.”

Kenny returns “home” to Miami with excitement and intrigue, as Butch continues to tug at the local fanbase’s heartstrings with the nostalgia of years gone by. As a Canes fan who grew up watching Kenny and Butch turn around the Canes football program, and bring them back to a level a national relevancy, it’s working. Yeah, I still reminisce about the good old days, but I am proceeding with cautious optimism. I grew up a Canes fan, but I am now proud FIU alumni. I carry that very proudly wherever I go. And I literally carry that wherever I drive, since my car’s license plate frame reflects that too.

Kenny will be a great addition to the University and the football program that went 8-5 in 2017, Davis’ first as head coach with the Panthers. The future looks bright for FIU, so long as the product continues to improve on the field, then the future of this program will continue to stay bright.

AP Photo/Chuck Burton

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